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ametler flower


Mallorca, due to its climate and horography, ideal for growing almond trees 

The creator

The history of "Flor d'Ametler" goes back 70 years, to calmer and simpler times on the island  from Majorca.  

The creator of this unique perfume grew up in a completely untouched rural area of the island.


A) Yes  it was like, one day, Bernardo Vallori walking under the almond trees, soaked  from  his  heady fragrance, reminded her mother and grandmother when they made their own perfumes macerating their delicate flowers, along with rosemary, lavender, sage and mints. That aroma made him shudder, feelings  of love,  tenderness, joy, euphoria and passion took over her body... 
While an idea was forged in his mind.

His knowledge and studies of chemistry would be used to capture that smell, with the hope that its aroma would be capable of awakening the best feelings in those who use it.  


Determined to elaborate his perfume, he was not satisfied with pouring it  in the bottle. That perfume made with almond blossoms, the flower of hope and harbinger of spring, would be like a message of love that would run around the world inside a bottle, waiting to be opened.  


What better than replacing the classic parchment of the bottle  for a flower, the same flower with which he had made  perfume.

Our history through promotional posters


In this way, from Mallorca, his island, bottles would go out to any part of the world, with a natural flower, like  permanent message of hope and love.  


At present the perfume is made following the same procedure that was used for its creation.


Every year, in the month of February, the miracle of the almond blossom is repeated. As harbingers of spring, its flowers present Mallorca with a snowy white, transforming its landscape. Along with the blanket of flowers, a subtle and delicate aroma awakens the appetite of the first bees.


On the sunniest days  the family, which jealously guards the secret of the "Flor d'Ametler", delicately picks the almond blossoms. There is no shortage of helpers on those days, because despite the hard work there is a "party" atmosphere. 

At noon the workers take a well-deserved break to eat the traditional paella cooked outdoors. After lunch, the individual selection of the almond blossoms begins, which is done by hand and with the most meticulous care, and then they are preserved so that they do not lose any of their freshness and fragrance. They are preserved in a liquid whose composition is known to a few people and which contains the essence of the production of recent years. 
Thus, the inheritance goes through an uninterrupted chain in which the flowers of the current year are reserved to be used in the elaboration of the perfume of the following years.


“A walk under the almond blossoms on a sunny day is one of nature's best gifts.”


The filling of the bottles is another slow procedure that requires very careful hands, once the bottle is filled with the perfume,  Each flower is individually removed from the container and delicately placed in the narrow neck of the jar. Then, with extreme care, it is dropped into the jar. The process culminates with the placement of a vaporizer.


Throughout this process, tradition is carefully respected. The family business of ROVER perfumes keeps the secret of its elaboration of  "Flor d'Ametler" is an authentic Majorcan creation that is made by hand and in limited quantities.


Its production and elaboration make this perfume  unique and truly exclusive cannot be found anywhere else in the world.


For the woman who has been captivated by the beauty of Mallorca, there is no better memory of Mallorca than  "Flor d'Ametler", since it constitutes the very essence of the island.

The first presentations

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